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Why choose KARMA

KARMA Clinical Relations was founded in 1992 by Laurence Goldstein, BSc. (Biochemistry) to meet the unmet need of developing and delivering industry sponsored accredited continuing medical education learning interventions for physicians based on adult learning principles.


There were plenty of challenges and no roadmap at that time. However there were opportunities to improve upon the status quo and the underlying need to change the relationship between industry sponsors and physicians when it came to continuing medical education. Numerous stakeholders emerged who first needed to be convinced of why these changes were necessary and then how these changes could give rise to improved engagement. Regulatory/compliance involvement became involved and gave rise to the various maintenance of certification or competencies programs for physicians and surgeons around the globe. 


Today we find ourselves with many similar challenges and no roadmap due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once again the unique role of healthcare professionals in society is being put to the test. This time by a global pandemic and associated uncertainty restrictions placed on mass gatherings and travel by several levels of governments, universities and hospitals, not to mention individual concerns. Similarly how industry sponsors engage with physicians during this unique time needs to be examined and perhaps redefined and the various stakeholders enlightened along the way as we move from live in-person to virtual online and hybrid events.


KARMA Clinical Relations is uniquely suited to meet these challenges and opportunities based in part on our foundation and 20+ years of our experience and what we have learned in just the last year of researching, evaluating and delivering two highly successful first-of-a-kind virtual online annual conferences for the Canadian Dermatology Association and the Women in Dermatology Leadership.


  • Assisted 20+ clients plan, manage and deliver over 300 unique experiences

  • Identified and created several "first-of-a-kind" initiatives 

  • Nurtured relationships with several thousand stakeholders on behalf of our clients

  • Developed a highly flexible, responsive and client-centred approach in support of several leading brands that reduced the time to market and costs resulting in a 25% increase in programs with little or no impact on budget

  • Established several enduring 10+ years partnerships with leading-edge suppliers around the globe that our clients may leverage to gain access to leading edge technology, applications and services as and sometimes before they are available to the public


20 + years assisting clients

Turn challenges into inaugural opportunities

Create opportunities to engage stakeholders

Navigate uncharted waters without a map

Provide competitive advantage delivering unique, memorable and enduring experiences

Our approach

We believe in KARMA. Applying our knowledge, skills and experiences to  benefit of our clients by:

Planing, managing and executing exceptional experiences based on your needs

Providing a single point of contact to minimize the time you spend

Delivering  assignments on time and budget

Measuring the success of your experience based on metrics you define

Leveraging every opportunity to enhance relationships with your key stakeholders

Working adeptly in cross-functional teams across multiple time zones

Managing complex assignments with remote leads

Taking initiative and responsibility to identify solutions to problems before they arise

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