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Live Virtual & Hybrid Event Planning & Production

  • Venue and virtual platform sourcing, budgeting, contract negotiation, liaison & management 

  • Dedicated event support and onsite management

  • Atendee management including; invitation, registrations, reminders and follow-up

  • Presenter management including technical checks / rehearsals

  • Sponsor and exhibitor liaison & management of

  • Local, Regional, National and Global target audiences

Project Planning, Management & Execution

  • Critical path development and cloud based asset management

  • Environmental scanning for potential conflicts, surveys and needs assessment

  • Presentations support services keynote & powerpoint

  • Website, social media and direct email support

  • Curriculum elaboration, schedule of events and agenda support

  • Accreditation and compliance support

  • Data analytics and reporting

Stakeholder Relations & Engagement

  • Opportunity identification and problem solving

  • Custom strategy development

  • Interaction and engagement activity chanllenges

  • Engagement continuity (pre / during / post assignment) 

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